Welcome to the Graceful Hills Parish

The Congregations of Atonement Lutheran and Piedmont Valley Lutheran


Confirmation 2022 on Pentecost Sunday, June 5

Welcome to our new full members of the Graceful Hills Parish: From Atonement Alex Jared VermundsonParents: Jared & Krystl VermundsonSponsors: Dale & Barb Vermundson Emily Laura PetersParents: Jason & Justina PetersSponsors: Kyle & Melody Ruen andScott & Carrie Jamison Jackson Theodore RuschParents: John Rusch & Becky VogtSponsors: Mark Rusch & Susan Vogt From Piedmont Valley:…

Ash Wednesday

Atonement 12 pm service with imposing of ashes.Join:1)      In-person “in the pews”2)      Or through our virtual ZOOM connection. Use the link below from your computer, tablet or smartphone and see and hear the church service:https://us02web.zoom.us/j/2533027083 Password is: 531842 Piedmont Valley 6:30 pm service with imposing of ashes.Join:1)      In-person “in the pews” 2)      Parking Lot FM connection.…


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The Graceful Hills Parish is part of the South Dakota Synod and the larger ELCA.

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