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Gordon Wicks – Celebration of Life

On Saturday October 16, 11 AM at Atonement, 602 Auburn Dr, Rapid City there is going to be a service “Celebration of Life” for Gordon Wicks, member of Atonement who passed away.A reception at the church follows the service. Read the obituary here: https://www.osheimschmidt.com/obituary/gordon-wicks?fbclid=IwAR0jnK52PB_vB8C1XJNYigxIZcxMI0JOjC49ORI3NWZYvOrs8wzONexqaq4 The burial is the day before, Friday, October 15, at 2:30…

Bible Study at ALC

Starting September 19, there is a bible study at Atonement. It is a series called “Understanding the Old Testament” and takes place after Sunday worship service in the fireside room at Atonement. We will be using videos to guide us in our study of the Old Testament. This bible study is led by Marty Hogen…

ALC Vision & Open Questions

Atonement’s council had a great retreat at Terra Sancta on August 21. At the beginning of the retreat, we reflected on the past year. We looked at our mission statement and talked about how we lived into each of the parts of the mission statement. Here a few points for each part: Called by the…


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