Help Atonement update their records

Atonement Lutheran Church

* Find the form to fill out here. Email or print and mail it to us so we can make sure our contact information for you and your family is correct and up to date. You can also return your completed form to the ALC office or drop it in the basket after service as you exit the Sanctuary.

You may also download or print the form pdf here or email us the information at
Or Mail to 602 Auburn Dr Rapid city SD 57701

This is what the form looks like:

Update Form,

In order to keep our records up to date,
please fill out the form so we can make sure we have accurate contact information for emergencies and other communications. (Phone #, email address, or any additions to your family (birth, adoption, Etc.) in 2020.)

Name________________________________________________________________________________________ Address______________________________________________________________________________________ Phone #____________________________________Cell#___________________________________________ Emergency Contact_______________________________Cell#___________________________________ Email Address______________________________________________________________________________ Additional Information____________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Please return to: Atonement Lutheran Church; 602 Auburn Dr, Rapid City SD 57701 Or Email information to; Subject: Update.

All information received from our members will be kept confidential and will not be used by any one other than Atonement Lutheran Church for administrative purposes.

Thank You!!

Will Olsen, Chairman of the Membership Committee, and his faithful helpers, Betty and Gordon Wicks, Phyllis Johnson, and Larry Bailly. Dawn Rice also helped give the committee necessary input. The Council has talked about trying to get an accurate membership list with updated contacts and we are finally very close to achieving that goal. We will soon have a new directory.

I also want to thank Linda Keehner, Darlene Bailly and Helen Olsen who helped me to make phone calls to members to update their information.