UPDATE Our Members are starting to be vaccinated!

Jacques Dupret is a member at Piedmont Valley and just received his first shot of the covid-vaccine! We will get a firsthand account of what it is like to get the vaccine.

He will let us know if he is developing any superpowers. No, just kidding. More importantly, he will let us know if he is having any side effects and how he feels. UPDATE: Jacques felt slight soreness in his arm that went away after a day.

Jacques has to wait now for the second shot.

Read the South Dakota’s Department of Health’s answers to frequently asked questions about the covid-vaccine: https://doh.sd.gov/documents/COVID19/Vaccine/covid_vaccine_FAQ.pdf

More members are being vaccinated!

Jacques’ spouse, Donna Wright Dupret received her first shot. Only response she had was slight soreness at the shot sight. She experiences the same thing each year with her flu shots.

She is looking forward to the second vaccine dose in 4 weeks.