Grief Moves Us – Script

Why is it important to talk about our feelings of grief and loss? To quote Margie Neugebauer, Director of Justice, WELCA:

“Are you feeling tired, sad, angry, lonely, anxious, depressed? Well, the entire world is feeling all these emotions and maybe more. These can be signs of grief and loss. In reality the entire world is grieving. An article in the The American Counseling Association publication, Counseling Today, states; “The foundational emotion attached to the pandemic is grief, and grief — if not acknowledged, felt and addressed — will continue to trigger more easily identifiable emotions such as fear, anxiety, depression, and whatever other feelings and reactions typically present for people in a crisis (Grief and the COVID-19 Pandemic, Sophia Caudle.)”

We addressed our grief and shared our experiences, insights, and talked about how to move beyond feeling this way in this adult education. To read the script click the button below:

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