UPDATE Next Steps for Worship guidelines related to the pandemic

UPDATE Next Steps for Worship guidelines related to the pandemic: 

Pastor Sonja assembled a group at Piedmont Valley to reflect on these guidelines. The Revitalization group (Bob Burns, Mike Smith, and Donna Wright) accepted the request to reflect and are highly qualified with their links to healthcare. After discussion together, the Revitalization Group suggested to the PVLC Council that we move to possible decrease mask use with in-person worship in May. Knowing that the state of SD is moving to herd immunity (maybe 70%) with vaccination by May, the council is moving to having “masks optional” starting on May 23, but continuing social spacing. Also keeping the doors open for springtime ventilation. The council is committed to always consider our whole community as we move forward at the Graceful Hills Parish.

At the upcoming PVLC Council meetings on April 19 and May 17, the council will confirm the May 23rd date for change in mask use. The council reserves the right and responsibility to change these plans (to earlier or later adjustment) should the cases and vaccine trends change dramatically in the next few weeks.   At this point our guidelines for mask use will change on May 23, and we will confirm this each week from now until May 23rd.  Our main goal is to be super clear about our plan and communicate it out to all in our community and parish.

The PVLC Council

The ALC council follows the recommendations of the highly qualified Revitalization Group at PVLC.

If you have questions, contact:

Pastor Sonja Pilman
(650) 431 6693