Holy Week 2021

Join the Graceful Hills Parish for Holy Week 2021. We will have special music and meaningful liturgies!

Go here to see all the bulletins: gracefulhills.church/bulletins/

Special Services:

April 1, 6pm – Maundy Thursday – at ALC

April 2, 6pm – Good Friday – at PVLC

Saturday, April 3, 7pm – Easter Vigil – at PVLC 

April 4, 6:30am – Easter Sunrise – at ALC 

Join in person with our usual guidelines of social distancing and mask wearing, or join live through our virtual connection on Zoom:

Easter Sunday Services:

Sunday, April 4, 9am – Easter Sunday, followed by Egg Hunt + simple brunch, – at PVLC
Join in person or on GoToMeeting

Sunday, April 4, 10:30am – Easter Sunday, followed by Egg Hunt + simple brunch, – at ALC
Join in person or on Zoom

If you have questions, contact 
Pastor Sonja at pastorsonjapilman@gmail.com
or 650 431 6693