Help out during this cold at Woyatan in Rapid City

From our sisters and brothers at Woyatan Lutheran Church, 522 Anamosa St, Rapid City, SD 57701:

Ho Mitakuyapi

I greet you all with the warmest of handshakes and come with a humble heart to ask for help, we are in need of volunteers preferably morning or afternoon bodies to help serve meals, supervise and interact with the relatives at the shelter, it’s going to be very cold again, Arctic tents will be ready, we are in need of cots, warm clothes and blankets, firewood and possibly gas if generators will be used to power heaters in the tents, tonight there are 27 filled beds with another 25 cots coming in this evening, we are all doing our best to get as many people as we safely can out of the cold. 

Remember the people and if you can come and share your time and heart, we are all obligated by Tunkasila to treat others as a relative. Also we are asking organizations or people to possibly cook a meal for the people, we are serving 3 meals a day in addition to the evening meal over in the Wambli Ska Building.

If you would like to donate via the World Wide Web, we have Venmo at
Wopila for your consideration, 
Jonathan M. Old HorseItancan, Woyata