Pastor Sonja being in person every Sunday at each church

Dear friends in Christ, 

I have exciting news for you. At both annual meetings, the one at Piedmont Valley on Feb 6th and the one at Atonement on Feb 20th, the congregations of The Graceful Hills Parish discussed the possibility of having me be present at both churches each Sunday.

After hearing positive feedback and considering the concerns, the councils have made the final decision and voted on the following plan for Sunday services starting Sunday, March 13:

  1. Pastor Sonja is in person at both services (Piedmont Valley and Atonement) each Sunday. No more video sermons in the service (potentially on special occasions, see point 7).
  2. Piedmont Valley starts service at 9 AM. 
  3. The service is 50 minutes long. We will alternate in including the elements of the Liturgy, Confession&Forgiveness/Thanksgiving for Baptism, Apostle’s Creed, short and long versions of the Prayers of Intercessions for the service to not exceed 50 min.
  4. Pastor Sonja will stay for coffee hour for about 15 minutes before heading to Atonement.
  5. The Atonement service starts at 10:30 AM (and is the same as described in point 3).
  6. Pastor Sonja stays for about 15 minutes for coffee hour.
  7. For the rare occasion of special events/services/after church program we would make changes to the above outline for the services or have either a lay led service with a video sermon or do the worship service together at one location. There would then be an announcement a few weeks before about such a change.

I am looking forward to being present in person at both churches every Sunday! The sermon will be recorded in the service an uploaded to our website on Monday. If you do not feel comfortable attending Sunday service in person yet, please take advantage of our Zoom connection for the service where you hear and see everything live at the church. You receive the Zoom link and instructions in the weekly email we send out. If you are not signed up yet for these weekly emails, please email:
– Piedmont Valley’s Administrative Assistant Madison Borden to include you:
– Atonement’s Director of Operations Michael Borden to include you:

We are the Body of Christ! Thank you for being part of the church and journeying with us with an exciting year ahead of us! 

Peace be with you,

your Pastor

Sonja Pilman