Holy Week 2023

What is true humility?

Holy Week begins on Sunday, April 2 with Palm / Passion Sunday, where there is only one truly humble person in the story: Jesus the Christ. You are invited to carry this theme of humility through to Easter.
Every day, in each story, look for the one you regard as humble. Think about: Why did you think that particular person is humble? And then reflect on yourself, how does your humility compare?

Look for growth in people’s characters. Are there characters who seem to gain or lose humility in the course of the story from the triumphant entry to the resurrection?

We recorded devotional videos for you to watch Monday, then Tuesday, and Wednesday (April 3-5) on our website under News. Then we have services on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Saturday Easter Vigil, Easter Sunday Sunrise service and of course Easter service.

Use this time. A deep and meaningful understanding of humility is a worthy and lasting gift to take away from this season of Lent and the celebration of Easter.

Come on the ride, the ups and downs, all of it, and let it change you. Amen.