Congregation Meeting to Amend our Atonement Constitution – Dec 6

On October 18, 2020, the Council of Atonement Lutheran met and decided that we need to amend our constitution to allow for holding meetings by remote communication due to the ongoing pandemic. The meeting will follow immediately after our worship service on December 6, 2020. The meeting will have one purpose only, to vote on the following:

Resolution, C10.08: ‘”

This congregation may hold meetings by remote communication, including electronically and by telephone conference, as long as there is an opportunity for simultaneous aural communication. To the extent permitted by state law, notice of all meetings may be provided electronically.”


Basically this resolution means that we can hold a congregational meeting via Zoom or Go To Meeting or some other applications that allow for simultaneous communication.

In keeping with requirements to hold a special meeting of the congregation, is this the first notification. Henceforth there will be announcements of the meeting in our worship bulletin and during our worship services.

Memorial Walk on Native American Day (Oct 12, 2020)

Pastor Sonja Pilman representing the Graceful Hills Parish at the Memorial Walk and groundbreaking for the memorial for the children.

Start of the Memorial Walk at Sioux Park
End of the Memorial Walk where the groundbreaking for the memorial took place.

Watch Bishop Constanze Hagmaier’s message for Native American Day here.

“Today, on Native American Day, I invite you to pause with me. We pause to pay attention to our indigenous neighbors, to acknowledge their pain and heed God’s call to seek steps to repair the breach for the sake of healing the entire body of Christ. Indigenous people have been exiled from their own lands by the dominant culture centuries ago and continue to live estranged from their own land up to this day. Their fore-bearers were forced into life changes that over and over again broke bodies, spirits, and minds. Their many nations experienced incredible oppression. While you and I have not personally participated in the violence of our ancestors against our indigenous siblings, we most certainly inherit the historic trauma of a divided and alienated people, and therefore it is our responsibility to lean into our collective sin.”
– Bishop Constanze Hagmaier

Our New Newsletter Format!

After several people from both churches asked whether they could receive newsletters for both churches, I came up with the idea of combining our newsletters.

For October we did a combined newsletter for the first time. Find it here.

Let us know what you think so we can improve your experience for the next newsletters. Thank you!

Contact us at:

Pastor Sonja Pilman
(650) 431 6693

Piedmont Lutheran Church
16155 Spring Valley Rd, Piedmont, SD 57769
605 787 5588

Atonement Lutheran Church
602 Auburn Dr, Rapid City, SD 57701
605 343 3155

Sewing Group

Exciting project!

On Monday, Sept 21, 2020, our sewing group finished 82 uniforms to be sent to a school in Cameroon! There will be a blessing before they are sent. It was an exciting day for us!

End Of Summer Picnic and Worship Service

Tribute to Pastor Herb

At our evening worship service on Sept 13, 2020 we had a tribute to Pastor Herb who has been such a great help and support for our church.
Thanks to technology he was able to be part of the service on his computer.

He never wanted to take any money for the work he has done for us so we made out a check for him to donate to the charities of his choice.

Thank you for everything Pastor Herb! I am glad you were there for PVLC in the time of transition,
Pastor Sonja

September Outreach Mission Project

Atonement Lutheran is doing an outreach mission project for the month of September where we will be accepting urgently needed items for the Cornerstone Rescue Mission.
Be part of this project and help by placing the items listed below in the collection box located in the Atonement Lutheran welcome center:

  • Laundry Detergent
  • Dish Soap
  • Personal Hygiene Items. (Soap, tooth brushes and paste, deodorant, razors, etc.)

Atonement Lutheran Church, 602 Auburn Dr, Rapid City, SD 57701
If you have questions, contact: 605 343 3155 or

August letter from the pastor to Atonement Lutheran

Dear Atonement Lutheran!

It is so good to finally be with you, thank you for your patience and support in this time of transition for my family and I.

The keyword here is patience which is what we have to show a lot of right now. As I had mentioned in my letter to the congregation, this is a difficult time where I feel grief and it left me hopeless at times and maybe you feel the same way.

The feelings you feel right now are all valid. This is not an easy time. But this time will pass. There will be a day again where we can sing hymns and hug each other.

We all know that. We know that day is coming. In the meantime I want to share with you words of encouragement from Bishop James Hazelwood of the New England Synod that deeply resonated with me and might encourage you too:

Bishop James Hazelwood is in his bicycle clothes and helmet, about to go up a hill on his bicycle: (paraphrased)

“I am trying to make it up this hill but I wanted to stop and say: Faith? You bet! Cannot do it without it. Look, we are in the middle of a crises and it is three fold: It is the corona virus, it is the climate crises, and it is a crises of meaning in our culture and society. But we are in the middle of it. And this is where God has placed us and where God has called us and we are not going to look back in nostalgia for the way it was. We are going forward and the Holy Spirit is going to lead us there. And I am hoping to catch up with the Holy Spirit.”

I want to invite you to call on the Holy Spirit not to wait up for you but to help you catch up.

Please do not hesitate to contact me via email or phone. You find me at the office Wednesdays, 2-6 pm but I am more than happy to schedule a date and time with you outside those hours.

May you be blessed with peace, believe in the beauty of hope, be accompanied by the Spirit of love, and receive the comfort of faith. Amen

Pastor Sonja Pilman