Bible Study

Please join us for bible study, share your story and experiences with the group and learn more about God’s Word. We currently have two bible study groups:

  • One group meets at the church Tuesdays, 1 PM outside (if the weather permits) or inside with a mask and social distancing (if it is too cold or wild outside).
  • One group meets at a coffee shop The Wired Woodsman Coffee House in Black Hawk Tuesdays, 9:30 AM inside, mask optional.

Sewing Group

On Monday, Sept 21, 2020, our sewing group finished 82 uniforms to be sent to a school in Cameroon! There will be a blessing before they are sent. It was an exciting day for us!
The sewing group meets Mondays at Piedmont Valley.

Our sewing group is amazing! The sewing group made 56 Christmas table toppers for the Piedmont Valley Food Pantry to be included in the Christmas food boxes for area families. Together with the food, these beautiful table toppers will make many families happy. Thank you for your important ministry sewing group!