Living With Fear


We will be using different approaches to the topic of fear. During three adult education forums we will try to understand our fears better and learn to be able to live with them in a healthy way. We will learn to use our faith and the bible as a way to deal with our fears.

The adult education forums will take about 50 minutes and be right after the church service: Atonement 11 AM and Piedmont Valley 10 AM. The forums will be recorded and you can watch them at home any time alone, with friends or family.

Watch the recordings here:

October 18 at Atonement October 25 at Piedmont Valley

Part 1:
What is fear? – It is a natural response to be afraid of impending danger. It is nothing to be ashamed of, you can argue that Jesus was afraid in the garden of Gethsemane.

Open or download the handout here and watch the recording of Part 1:

November 1 at Atonement November 8 at Piedmont Valley

Part 2:
Why are you afraid? What are our fears? We will explore fear as something in our lives and how it manifests itself.

Open or download the handout here (you will need it towards the end) and watch the recording of Part 2. This Part involves a lot of reflection and we had great discussions. The discussions were edited out since the participants did not wear a microphone and their responses were very personal too. You are invited to take out paper and pencil and write down your own reflections on the questions posed in Part 2:

November 15 at Atonement November 22 at Piedmont Valley

Part 3:
Can we trust in God with our fears? We will learn about the support the bible can give us and share our own experiences where we are comfortable to do so.

Watch the third and final part here. We did not cut out the responses by the attendees so the flow does not get disrupted. Bear with us as you will find a few seconds here and there where you won’t be able to understand the answers.
Enjoy and we hope you will learn and find something for yourself.