Talk on the Covid Vaccines

It is exciting to know how more and more of our members are being vaccinated against covid! So far everyone has only reported good experiences.

On Feb 14, 2021 Dr Clay Smith joined us at PVLC/The Graceful Hills Parish to answer our questions about the Covid Vaccine.
Dr Smith is an emergency physician at Spearfish Hospital and Sheridan Memorial, in WY. He is the current president of the South Dakota Chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians.  
Dr Clay Smith is the son of Mike and Rubye Smith of PVLC. Clay grew up in our congregation. We are happy to hear his wisdom as he works on the frontlines of healthcare in our region. 

Dr Smith was happy to answer our questions to the best of his knowledge.  If you have any further questions about Covid or the vaccine, please email them to Donna Wright, MS, RN at